Catholic heritage

The All-Russia Public Movement Katolicheskoye naslediye (Catholic heritage) was founded in 1998 to enhance constitutional foundations of democratic federal government. The main aim of Katolicheskoye naslediye is specified in the rules of the movement contributing to preservation and development of Catholic Christian values. Apart from enhancement of Christian culture the main goals include social control of foundations referring to the constitutional system of the Russian federation. In this way "Katolicheskoye naslediye" helps Roman Catholic Church organizations and Catholic laymen residing in the Russian Federation to protect their rights and legitimate interests. With its national status it can function in the whole territory of Russia. In its work Katolicheskoye naslediye" strives for cooperation both with governmental authorities and with social organizations. Special attention is paid to maintenance of trusted and friendly relations with Russian Orthodox Church. Successful work, as Katolicheskoye naslediye envisions it, depends on the development of partnership and confidence with state, religious and social entities. Due to some reasons of historic and political nature, functioning of social organizations in the Russian Federation was not possible until 90s of the past century. In its work the National Russian movement Katolicheskoye naslediye relies on new opportunities opened before Russian society and calls on everyone to combine our efforts in achievement of civil peace, agreement and decent life level.